"If you want me to express myself, give me a brush not a pen." -Kathe Epp.

Hi! My name is Amrita. I look at the world on my easel and colours mean the world to me. I am a Stay-at-Home-Mum with two beautiful kids! Way back in 2007, to create an environment with less screen time and more creativity for my lil scamps, I started summer camps and I would call them my lil CamperScampers with love :)

With the encouragement of my family and friends I finally started my Art brand, in 2018, based out of Thane, Mumbai.

Adept at various forms of fine arts such as Oil / Acrylic / Watercolour Painting, One-Stroke Painting, Dot Mandalas, Zentangle Art, Coffee Painting, Sketching (Pencil, Colour pencils & Charcoal), Calligraphy and various tribal arts (Madhubani, Warli, Chughtai, Pichwai, etc), I love to occupy my time in the midst of creativity!

CamperScamperStudio offers Art Workshops, Online Art Classes and Tutorials along with exquisite customised Art on Sale for your home or office.




At CamperScamperStudio, we understand the importance of support in an artist’s life. This community serves as an educational branch and support system for all artists who visit our Art Space by being a special place where their creative juices can flow freely. Dedicated to our artists, we provide them with the appropriate training and tools they need to succeed. It’s our mission to ensure that the arts remain strong, and to offer classes to students of all levels - introducing newcomers to art and creativity, and refining the techniques of even the most veteran artists.

CamperScamperStudio strives to foster imagination and creativity by helping students create beautiful art. Whether you’re coming in to spend a few hours or become a CamperScamperStudio Veteran, there will always be something to intrigue your creativity, and a blank canvas where the world is your oyster.


We have been creating art and forming artists since 2007


Don't hand the paintbrush to anyone else



CamperScamperStudio was born out of a desire to support artists all over our city. Our community has now grown to include not just local artists and students from all walks of life, but also art enthusiasts from all around the world. We help sculpt and mold them with loving, precise and timely guidance. We’re so proud of the community we’ve created and love watching our artists blossom!

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Amrita shared the valuable tricks and techniques during the entire workshop. Amrita explained the techniques, choice of colors, basic concepts very well. She was patient through the workshop, ensuring everybody was on the same page. I like her idea of having limited number of participants, which enables her to concentrate of every member of the workshop. Looking forward to attend more of such workshops and work with Amrita 😍